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"A discipline dealing with good and evil and with moral duty." So says the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. For too many in our culture, however, ethics are typically situational. Principles of morally upright conduct are rejected for circumstantial convenience. With many people, ethical expectations are low and suspicions run high. Truth and trust are yearned for but not often found; honesty and loyalty are sought after but hardly encountered, especially in the world of sales. Many other businesses also focus too much on a bottom line of money instead of a relational one, especially in today's "all-important" culture of speed and efficiency. In fact, no individual or profession is exempt from the moral fallout that surrounds us. Every one of us needs to take responsibility for the impact our lives have on others (especially our young people), each and every day.

As a Real Estate Consultant, Denny Beckham has built his real estate practice on the timeless foundation of Biblical Ethics. He has a Moral Compass that helps him direct his business with honesty and integrity. As you entertain the idea of him serving you, consider what other clients have said about his ethics:

"Mr. Beckham was at all times professional, considerate and explicit in his dealings with us. We found his thorough telephone updates most comforting as we ventured into the world of real estate sales. Without hesitation, we would gladly recommend Mr. Beckham because his talents and personal integrity are considerable."
--Mr. and Mrs. Conrad E. Womack, (Relocating) Sellers

"After having worked with other real estate agents previously, we feel qualified to say that he is the best! Denny is not only very professional, extremely helpful and very, very honest, he also stood by us through the whole distress of going through escrow. He was there for us as a financial consultant, a negotiator, our agent and as a personal friend. He said... and he did!"
--Carmen and Joseph Ramirez, (First-time) Buyers

"Dear Denny, I want to take a moment to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. You have been very sensitive to my particular needs and interests. I appreciate your willingness to go "exploring" for possible investment-type properties. There have been many fruitless roads at my instigation and you have not only been patient, honest and helpful but eager to please throughout. Over the years of our involvement with investments, you have not only been an outstanding agent on my behalf but you have also become a friend."
--Allen and Sheryl Loyd, (Income Property) Sellers, (Two-time, Investment Property) Buyers and (Several-time, Purchase and Refinance) Borrowers


"Vigor or intensity of action, expression or utterance. Power forcefully and effectively exercised." Each one of us has a picture of energy in our minds, graphically illustrated by examples all around us. Some are energetic in every aspect of life while others are energetic only in selected venues. All of us, however, are born with energy to expend, in whatever way we choose to expend it. As we know, harnessed energy, like that of a hydroelectric plant, can be a powerful, positive force. Unharnessed energy, however, like that of an earthquake or hurricane, can be extremely dangerous and destructive. So it is with human energy--we can either be like rivers, focused and effective, or like swamps, shallow and stagnant. We can respond to the urgent or accomplish the important...depending on our priorities in life.

In today's challenging real estate market, buyers and sellers alike need a real estate professional whose energy is full-time. Moreover, they deserve a person who is passionate about their business and growing in knowledge daily. Since Denny enjoys real estate and loves working with people, this servant/student mindset comes easier for him than for many. Consequently, his drive to satisfy your goals will be refreshingly relentless:

"Denny is a very dedicated individual. He worked with us at all hours of the day and night to ensure our transaction went through. He is honest and sincere and we would gladly do business with him again."
--Michael and Bibiana Husting, (First-time) Buyers, (Corporate Transferee/First-time) Sellers and Referral/Relocation Service Users

"As you know, we chose you to handle the sale of our home over two other REALTORS®; one was an office manager and the other was a friend of our family. We are now positive that we made the right decision. You handled the sale of our home with the utmost professionalism and at the same time you made us feel like we had known you for many years."
--Jim and B.J. Mullenix, (Relocating) Sellers

"While helping our mother relocate, we chose Denny Beckham as our REALTOR®. This proved to be the best thing that could have happened, as he made purchasing a home a pleasurable experience with his knowledge and relentless drive to satisfy us. Thanks, Denny!"
--Jack Wimberly, Son, w/power-of-attorney for mother, Ruth Jones, (senior) Buyer


"The state or quality of excelling or surpassing in some good quality or action; to excel all rivals; virtue." In our times, it's very hard to find 'good help' when you need it--sloppiness is as common as slothfulness and excellence is nearly extinct! Denny Beckham, however, believes in the timeless principle, "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might!" That's why his clients receive world-class service, with attention paid even to the smallest details.

Quantity and quality service is what people in the new millennium want and Denny delivers both with an 'extra-mile' attitude, in action! Pleasant and personal, he cares enough to take the time and listen, really listen, until he understands your needs, and then pursues meeting them as if they were his own. Even after your escrow closes with Denny, he will be ready to serve you with excellence and to participate in your next home dreams:

"We wish to thank you for the excellent and personal service that you gave us. You were diligent at all times, keeping us informed as the sale progressed. Not only were you professional and competent in selling our home, we feel we've made a new friend."
--Larry and Linda Kirk (Denny's first) Sellers

"Thank you for your excellent work, professional attitude and helpful advice in listing and selling our home, all the way through the close of escrow. You were not only interested in selling our home; you were also interested in us and our well-being. Thank you for always being available to us and for accomplishing such a timely sale!"
--Dave and Connie Davidson, (Relocating) Sellers

"Denny is an excellent person to find the right buyer and sell fast. He did everything perfect, even with my absence out of state during the entire sales process."
--Tom and Allie Lukose (Relocated) Sellers

"Excellent service on both the sale of my mom's estate and my own purchase (in Westlake)."
--Jeff Breazile, (Estate) Seller and (Second-time) Buyer


"The act of living through an event. Knowledge, skill, etc., resulting from training and personal participation." Unfortunately, the first half of the definition is what many of us have had to go through in much of life. In real estate dealings, however, the second half of the definition should apply! After all, for most people, buying or selling real estate will be one of the biggest decisions they ever make. Financially speaking, the wrong move could damage you for life, whereas the right move could set you up toward financial independence. Denny's objective is to help you attain that right move! His vast experience spans from the 1980's, when he entered the business as a part-time agent. Finding no fulfillment or financial profit his first year as such, Denny decided to dive in full-time and has been at it ever since! With a focus on residential sales, he has become perceptive and proficient in helping his clients achieve their goals time after time, not just as "an event to live through" but as something enjoyable, even rewarding, to experience.

Denny has also "personally participated" in listing and selling brand new homes and townhomes/condos, estates, investment/income properties, manufactured/mobile homes, vacant land, a ranch/orchard and even a business opportunity! Since he understands how precious your time and resources are, Denny can also serve you as your Loan Consultant, helping you obtain the lowest rate and best terms on your purchase or refinance loan(s). His unique, one-stop process offers you convenience, savings and a seamless transaction! Experience for yourself what Denny Beckham's experience ("knowledge, skill, etc., resulting from training and personal participation") will do for you:

"Denny's follow-up, accuracy, courtesy, timeliness and sincerity were all outstanding. He was very thorough, took his time with me, and explained every detail. He's very good at his job and I would highly recommend him to family and friends."
--Virginia Cruickshank, (First-time/Original Owner) Seller

"Denny's service was incredible! He was always there when I needed information and was the FIRST real estate agent that ever listened to me before giving feedback. His level of professionalism is incomparable and I will insist my friends and family use him."
--C. K. Hoenes, (Corporate Transferee) Seller and (Two-time) Referral/Relocation Service User

"I found Denny to be the most professional and knowledgable agent that I've had the pleasure to work with in buying my FOURTH home."
--Tom Chin, (Seasoned) Buyer and Business Owner


Ethics, Energy, Excellence and Experience...
what will these special qualities mean to you? Results!! Getting the job done with competence and efficiency. Denny's comprehensive background in real estate, and in working with people, has enabled him to identify creative customer solutions in today's challenging real estate environment. Resourceful in his approach to life, Denny has consistently achieved his client's goals with repeated success. As a result, year after year, clients return to Denny, bringing their families and friends with them:

"Denny is THE best! He was and still is with us every step of the way...we could never have made this transaction without him and his good-natured qualities. Thanks for everything, Denny!"
--Rich and Vicki Noll, Buyers

"Thanks to you we sold our home in just 20 days! Others on our street had been trying to sell for almost 1.5 years without results. You were open and honest about what we needed to do to sell fast and we even got our asking price. Thank you, Denny!"
--Rick and Ann Sanchez, (Rental Property) Sellers

"I want to thank you for the hard work, commitment and total professionalism you showed me during the recent purchase of my home. I gave you certain parameters in which I needed to stay and you were able to find exactly what I wanted. Not only did you locate the property; you led me to the best possible financing and insurance. I'm looking forward to more transactions as smooth as this one, and a long, rewarding relationship."
--David Hansen, Buyer (and 'for-sale-by-owner/unrepresented' Seller)

"Of all the real estate people we've used over the years, Denny Beckham was the best!"
--Bill and Liz Rebstock, (Seasoned) Sellers

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